Wk. 4 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing


The last time I went to Venice Beach was about two or three years ago…IMG_0047

…I never would’ve thought that graffiti writing would be the reason I’d come back.  Honestly, the main reason why I decided to go was for the extra credit.  My plan was to drive, spray paint, take a picture, then drive back home.  However, as always, life has a way of messing my plans.  My friend asked if he could tag along and I agreed as long as he navigates the way to the beach.  I thought we were going to get there by 3:00 pm, but due to heavy traffic we arrived at around 4:30 pm.  When we found the spot, instead of immediately working on our graffiti as planned, we couldn’t help but appreciate all the graffiti around us that were left by other street artists.  All artworks, whether it be by an amateur such as myself, or professional street artist, had a certain charm to them.  I can’t explain how, but I know each graffiti had a story/meaning behind it.  There were some made in dedication to someone who passed away, while others were self-expression.  At first, I didn’t want to tag over someone’s work because I felt as though I’m erasing them from existence.  However, I realized what makes the arts on these walls so special is the fact that they can not exist forever.  Everyone’s graffiti is bound to be covered by someone else’s artwork.  The way I see it, the real art lies not within one graffiti, but on the accumulation of everyone’s graffiti.  These walls will always change.  After completing our graffiti, we decided to stick around and watch a street performance, instead on simply going home.  All in all, it was great experience and I’m glad I decided to steer away from my original plan and simply go with the flow.




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