Wk. 5 – Art Experience – Cuisine

First and foremost, I should say that I am no cook, and by that  I mean I don’t ever go to the kitchen to prepare a meal because I either eat outside or just order.  That being said, I had fun doing this week’s project.  Since I don’t know how to cook, I was debating whether I should just dye my hair or do couture, but then I realized it took me two years and a half to grow my hair and I feel like dyeing it would ruin it, and that experimenting with my clothes isn’t really something I would like to do.  Therefore, I decided to “cook up” something simple yet a little out of the ordinary.  What I came up with is something that I wasn’t even sure would taste good, let alone look quite nice.  I call it the “Cip Sandwich Supreme” IMG_0105

It is made from not one, not two, not even three, but five slices of bread, four of which are layered with butter, peanut butter, strawberry jam, and american cheese. IMG_0102IMG_0103

I then left them in the over for ten minutes under 400 degrees so that the flavors melt through their respective slices.  During this time, I place the remaining slice in the toaster. After toasting all the slices, I stacked each in a certain order.  I placed the peanut butter as well as the strawberry jam slices in the middle to have a concentration of sweetness in the middle.  The cheese and butter slices are placed on the top and bottom, and finally enclosed the top with the last toasted slice. IMG_0106  I served the dish to my sister and to my surprise, she liked it.  She said it was a weird combination but the flavors blend quite well.  I asked for a rating and got a 7.5/10, which is more than enough for me since I don’t make food quite as much, let alone experiment.  Overall, it was a fun experience and I’m glad to have made something nice.


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