Wk. 6 – Art Experience – Photowalk


Thisk week’s art experience is by far the most artistic and enjoyable. Not only did I get the opportunity to express my creative side through the pictures I took, but also talk to some really fun and interesting people in the group. Our group’s leader was Madison Braverman, who did an exceptional job at leading the tour around campus. She not only got us a bus to the Japanese Garden, but also kept the group alive and excited by talking to everybody and enthusiastically describe each destination. As for the walk itself, I enjoyed going around the campus, especially since I’ve never been to two of the photo locations.  imageI especially enjoyed going to the Japanese Garden as the place radiated such positive vibe and colorful atmosphere. The combination of these two things makes for a beautiful and peaceful environment that will definitely make anyone lucky to be in the presence of such a view.


Overall, I had a great time and certainly glad that I chose Madison’s group, because I believe I wouldn’t have as much fun as I did had I gone on a different tour with another group.


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