Wk. 7 – Classmate Conversation – RaVen Montgomery


This week I met Raven Montgomery.  She is a sophomore here at CSULB who’s working towards a degree in Theater Arts. She is very passionate about the craft of theater and loves going out to watch plays.  Raven is also a big fan of rap songs with deep meanings, in contrast to the mainstream demeaning rap on today’s radio.  This is  something we have in common, because although I am not a big fan of rap, I listen to the ones that talk about real issues in our community instead of the ones that simply talk about sex, drugs, and money.  That being said, she admires the artists “Chance the Rapper”, Kendrick Lamar, and Childish Gambino. What she enjoys the most about this class is the weekly gallery visits because she gets to see and examine different kinds of art.  Raven is a really cool and down-to-earth person and I am glad to have met someone who values meaning/message in music like I do.

If you want to get know more of Raven, check her blog at:



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