Wk. 7 – Art Experience – Video Group Production

This week’s art experience was great! I got to work on an art that happens to be my major. As a film student, I was exited to be working on this art project. My group decided to display the difference between two videos where one is shot with no cinematography and the other with it. What we came up is a short video titled “The Goods”. The videos premise is that of a typical “drug deal gone wrong”, where the buyer tries to hustle the supplier, but it ultimately fires back on him. As I mentioned earlier, the first half of the video is shot only in one spot and style, meaning it has little to no cinematography. While the second half of the video is captured in different angles, height, etc.
The filming process was extremely fun and insightful because not only did I learn to use the different functions of a DSLR camera, as I was the cameraman, but also got a little bit creative with how we captured each shot for both scene. This project made me realize the importance of a cinematographer, cameraman, director, and crew members on set. Each has their own task to fulfill and the director is responsible for collaborating with each member and help of the editor combine everybody’s work into a film. Overall, I enjoyed every second of this art project and has actually influenced me to buy a DSLR camera and begin making films. It was quite life-changing and sensational.


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