Wk. 9 – Classmate Conversation – Chris Williams

This week I met Chris Williams, a sophomore here at CSULB who is striving to become an Aerospace Engineer.  We got to know each other by talking about some of our favorite things in life.  Chris’s favorite food is pizza – definitely in my top 5 – and his favorite color is green.  He loves listening to EDM and, although he doesn’t watch much films, his favorite is either Interstellar or The Martian.  That’s definitely something we have in common since I love those films as well due to my fascination with space.  Speaking of space, his dream job is to work for NASA. It was fun meeting Chris, especially since we had quite a few things in common.

Unfortunately, we forgot to take a picture together so here’s a photo of him from his previous blog. Chris

If you want to see more of Chris, you can check out his blog:



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