Wk. 12 – Classmate Conversation – Amber Bolden


This week I met fellow film major student, Amber Bolden.  She is a freshman here at Cal State Long Beach and is currently working her way towards becoming a film producer.  Her favorite movie is the classic baseball film, The Sandlot.  Amber is also a fan of country and likes to listen to old Taylor Swift songs.  One thing we have in common, aside from the fact that we are both pursuing a career in film, is that she prefers dogs instead of cats.  One of her favorite foods is cheesecake.  As for favorite colors, she tends to change them from time to time; for now she favors green.  Amber has quite a list of dream jobs besides film producer, such as music producer, publicist, journalist, and photographer.  The thing she likes the most about this class is that it distracts her from the stresses of life.  It was great to meet Amber as she seems really nice and easy to talk to, as well as share interest in film.

If you want to see more of Amber, you can check out her blog here:



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