Wk. 12 – Artist Conversation –


About the Artist: This week we met up with Jennifer Chen, a California State University, Long Beach student. She initially focused on biology in her undergraduate years but has now transferred to printmaking. Her interests lie between art and science due to her fascination with landscapes and nature as well as how they change over time due to human influence. Her long-term goal includes teaching art to other students.


Formal Analysis: Chen admits that her pieces often take a long time to complete due to the fact that she has to wait for some prints to dry. Some of her larger pieces can often take up to a week to finish. These larger works tend to hold more detail, and she guides the viewer’s eyes to carefully examine them as they relate to each other. Meanwhile, her smaller pieces reflect a casual intricacy asking for a single subject of focus.


Content Analysis:  Her works demonstrate the various states of destruction followed by change in a landscape; for example, some pieces depict the landscape after a flood or a fire. Other pieces also show destructive effects on a significantly smaller scale, showing tree barks with man-made scratches and letters carved into them. She integrates photography in order to achieve the desired levels of detail in her work.


My Experience: I found Chen’s pieces to be interesting and insightful. The combination of photography and colorful print creates a distinctive and unique art style that I believe truly reflects her as an artist and sets her apart from others. Finally, her works suggest a future of new beginnings that spring from the destruction or alteration of its predecessor. Overall, her artwork was wonderful, entertaining, and subtly thought-provoking.


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