Wk. 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

I had lots of fun with this week’s art experience! Not only did I enjoy expressing my artistic side (yet again) through photography, but was also able to relax as I take in the beautiful scenery.  One of the things I enjoy in life is taking photos because, much like in film (my passion), there’s a meaning behind every shot.  That’s why I decided to come to the garden a bit early and began sketching so that I can spend the rest of the class taking pictures.  I’m no sketch artist but I feel as though I did a pretty decent job at capturing the scenery around me.  As instructed, I shied away from using an eraser, and although it was somewhat hard to break that habit, I eventually learned to embrace my sketching flaws and simply draw.


I didn’t name the abstract drawings to leave the viewers guessing.

IMG_0408IMG_0411IMG_0412  After sketching, I went ahead and took as many pictures of the scenery in many different angles until I captured the shot I wanted.  It truly gave me a new perspective of the environment. IMG_0387IMG_0385IMG_0378IMG_0392IMG_0379IMG_0377



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