Wk. 14 – Extra Credit

I can’t believe that it has already been fourteen weeks since this semester started. Time surely went by in a flash. During those fourteen weeks, we’ve had multiple art experiences, some were fun while others not so much. First let me talk about the ones I enjoyed.

Number one on my list is our recent art experience: Sketching in the Garden. IMG_0389As I’ve mentioned in my previous blogs, I enjoy photography because of the creativity and story behind every shot. Not only that, I found the activity to be quite relaxing as well as inspirational.

Second on my list is the Graffiti Art.IMG_0047

I had so much fun doing this activity! Not only did I return to Venice for the first time in a long time (4 years or so) but I also did graffiti for the first time. The street performance were also a blast to watch.

Third on my list is the Instagram activity.


Yet another photography activity…what can I say, I have a thing for capturing the beauty of our environment. For this activity, I played around with scale, angles, and depth of field. I enjoyed experimenting with these features as it allowed me to explore a bit of my artistic side.

Where there’s good, there must also be bad for that is the way nature works, it keeps everything in balance. Now I’ll talk about the activity I didn’t quite enjoy as much.

First up is the Hand Plaster activity. I don’t have a picture of it because I didn’t post it on my blog due to not being able to complete the activity. What happened was I mixed the plaster with too much water, therefore making it impossible for the mold to harden. When I learned about this, I  felt disappointed and a little pissed because I spent money on plaster, bucket, and shovel for nothing. I quite literally wasted my time at the beach that day. It was my fault though, not the activity’s.

Second on my least favorite art experience is the trip to the library and bookstore.


Simply put, I just found walking to the library and bookstore to be quite boring. There was nothing new for me to see as I see those places often.

Finally, we have Moonbase Alpha. I didn’t enjoy this activity that much because I didn’t get to go out and explore. All we had to do was create a character and make up a story behind them.

All in all, this class was quite an experience. It had its ups and downs but it was definitely a fun ride. I found this class to be very easy…so easy in fact that I slacked off which resulted in me not getting that easy A.

Glenn is a one of a kind professor (especially with his hair) that is very passionate about teaching art and never failed to make things interesting.


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