Wk. 15 – Artist Conversation – Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young
Exhibition: As The Crow Flies
Media: Ink through Relief Printing, Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: None
Instagram: None


About the Artist:

After successfully struggling against mental illness, drug use, and academic probation, Nancy Young will now be graduating with a BFA in Printmaking this year. Her interest in printmaking began to thrive after she enrolled in the “History of Prints” course by Roxanne Sexauer. Her fascination grew as she committed to as many printmaking courses as she could. Outside of her academic life, she works full-time in order to pay for her degree. She works in Santa Ana as a programmer and expanded her portfolio throughout the semester. Although she is not planning to enter the art industry full-time, she expects to continue creating and exhibiting her works, as she enjoys the positive exposure that she receives for her efforts.


Content Analysis:

Young’s work reflects some tumultuous and personal topics in her life. On a lighter note, her dogs can also serve as inspiration for some of her work, though this fact is not obvious in this particular presentation. This one revolves around the theme of distance, or “miles”; her pieces are presented in a peculiar manner in which the pieces are in the order of how far each piece’s location is from the campus.


Formal Analysis:

Nancy Young has previously experimented with other styles and mediums of art, such as etching and screen printing, but her current style with printmaking is her most mature style by far. She graciously incorporates outside critiques or ideas from peers within the studio in order to create an original style. She uses her own photos for the source imagery, taken in various locations on or around campus. As mentioned before, her work is organized by geographical distance from the campus.


My Experience:

Her show was a journey in some ways. Her pieces take the viewer on a journey on and around campus, seeing the artistic qualities of things that are ordinarily mundane. The diversity in her chosen locations also left me with the feeling of an adventure. The sand compass was a nice touch that added to this feeling. Aside from being a wonderful artist, Nancy Young is also an interesting conversationalist. Her words gave me further insight on her pieces, and it really helped me in further understanding her motivations and thinking process throughout each piece. Overall, both the aesthetic of the art and its purpose were both highly engaging, and I definitely enjoyed this artist conversation.


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