Wk. 15 – Classmate Conversation – Jerry Pleitez

img_0691 (1)

Jerry Pleitez is someone I’ve met a few while back but didn’t get to write about so here goes.  Jerry is a sophomore here in CSULB who is studying to be a business man.  He is an athletic person and in fact played for a cross country team in High School.  Speaking of which, Jerry attended Paramount High School and graduated on 2014.  When he is not busy studying or running, he likes to spend time with his friends as well meet new people. To be honest, Jerry is one of the most social people I have met as he just seems to get along with pretty much anybody.  His favorite food on campus is what he calls “the daily special” which consist of a spicy chicken burger, small fries, and soda from Carl’s Jr. Although he doesn’t watch much movies, he said he is a fan of superhero movies, but then again, who isn’t.  Jerry is really in to EDM music and likes to party from time to time.  It was great to meet Jerry as he is a really outgoing guy that is very easy to get along with.

If you want to get to know more of Jerry, you can check out his blog at:



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